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Dean’s Message

Dean Yongqiang Ma (2013 ~)

Welcome to the website of the School of Accounting of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE).

Eight decades ago, Mr. XIE Lin, the first certified public accountant in China, established the department of accounting in Guanghua  University, the predecessor of SWUFE. During those years when accounting wasn’t considered a major discipline of study, our forerunners tirelessly engaged in the theoretical research of accounting, and educated many generations of accounting professionals and financial managers who contribute to the growth of Chinese economy.

Eight decades after its foundation, SWUFE’s school of accounting has become a prominent institution that stands in the forefront of accounting research and education. With nearly 1000 graduates each year in our Bachelor, Master, PhD, and professional programs, we are one of the largest accounting programs in China, and consistently ranked among top 10 in China.

We understand that the excellence of an institution is no more than the excellence of the people inside. For this reason, we are consistently reinventing ourselves. We are investing extensively in sending our brightest graduates to the doctoral programs of the world’s best accounting institutions to be trained as our future faculty members.

We understand that the only measure of our success is the success of our graduates. Our graduates have now been successfully placed in top domestic as well as world-class accounting and financial institutions. We will continue relentlessly and passionately to improve the education experience of our students with the goal of elevating their life to higher level.

Thank for visiting SWUFE School of Accounting. We hope you enjoy our website.