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As indicated in following table, the School has doctoral programs in three disciplines.

Students in the Doctoral Degree Program in Management must obtain at least 49 credits for graduation, including 31 credits for courses, 2 credits for their comprehensive examination, 2 credits for social practice, 4 credits for academic research training and examination, and 10 credits for their theses. The program requires a minimum of four academic years and not more than six academic years. Students must work hard in the following areas to obtain the specified credits:

· Courses: Credits are given for written and oral exams in open- or closed-book formats, as well as for papers.

· Comprehensive Examination: Credits are given to a student who passes the comprehensive exam and the exams for each subject.

· Social Practice: Credits are given to students for fulfilling professional and teaching practice, for submitting practice plans and reports before defending their dissertation, and for having the plan or report approved.

· Academic Research Training and Examination: Credits are given to a student who has academic publication that conforms to related University requirements or an article in a foreign language. The student is also required to actively take part in academic research activities, and to attend and give a speech on his or her dissertation topic in at least one academic or major academic conference at the international or national level or one that is organized by a key education institution.

· Degree Dissertation: Credits are given for successful dissertation defense and for the dissertation that has been approved by the dissertation advisors and dissertation committee.