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Uniformly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education, undergraduate admissions are mainly conducted through the Chinese National College Entrance Examination, which tests applicants’ abilities in various areas. At SWUFE, organizations such as the Admissions Committee, Admissions Leader Team, and Student Affairs Department (Office) work with each school to accomplish the admissions process for the undergraduate program. The Student Affairs Department is responsible for overall coordination of undergraduate admissions and enrollment, whereas the Admissions Committee and Admissions Leader Team focus mainly on supervising the admissions process. All admissions policies and processes are documented in the SWUFE Undergraduate Enrollment Charter, and relevant information is published online, along with the appropriate consulting telephone numbers for further inquiry.

Undergraduate admissions are conducted inside the University as follows:

(1) Preliminary preparation of a enrollment plan;

(2) Confirmation of the enrollment plan;

(3) Enrollment publicity;

(4) Participation of prospective students in the Chinese National College Entrance Examination, which is held in June each year and includes subjects such as science and liberal arts, after which applicants are ranked according to examination scores;

(5) Final decision by the SWUFE Student Affairs Department based on each applicant’s final rank;

(6) Uploading of admissions results;

(7) Preparation and mailing of letters of admission.

As a key university in China, SWUFE has adopted various admissions processes to ensure the diversity of its undergraduate students. These policies and processes are published on the University’s website. There are special admission rules for students from rural areas and minority areas, or who are high-level athletes. In addition, there are also special admission rules for students who have won a national prize in mathematics or physics or other subjects competitions at their high schools. All featured admission processes and policies are published on the admission website of SWUFE.

SWUFE continues to achieve new domestic records for the quality of its enrolled students and ranks at the top among all the universities in Sichuan Province in terms of its minimum comprehensive enrollment score. In 2015, students who study liberal arts in high school must rank among the top 0.59% of all candidates (The total number of examinees are 233,937) in Sichuan Province in order to be enrolled by SWUFE, and students who study science must rank among the top 1.78% (The total number of examinees are 291,312). The minimum enrollment score for SOA, however, is much higher. In the same year, the minimum requirement of enrollment score line in the School was that candidates should reach the top 0.3% and 0.89% of all applicants in Sichuan in liberal arts disciplines and science and engineering disciplines, respectively, with the highest score in liberal arts disciplines reaching the top 0.08% among all applicants. In other words, undergraduate students enrolled by SOA must be among the most outstanding students enrolled by SWUFE. In 2014, for example, students enrolled by SOA who studied science in high school had an average enrollment score that was 79 points higher than the National First-tier Score Line. Moreover, the minimum enrollment score for accounting majors with an internalization specialty at SOA is 90 points higher than the national first-tier score line, and those who had applied for the CPA specialty at SOA had scores 83 points higher than the National First-tier Score Line.