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Executive MPAcc Progam

Based on the learning objectives of the School’s Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) programs, the admissions policy for these programs is geared to enroll students with some work experience, strong analytical ability, solid communication skills, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Related admissions policies are published by the University and the School. The School publicizes its enrollment ads and information via website, social media, alumni, and other means.

The main admissions policies for the Executive MPAcc program are that applicants have at least 3 years of management/business work experience after graduating with a bachelor degree. The academic qualifications of those applicants are evaluated on an individual basis by the School’s admissions office.

In order to enroll students with rich management experience, even if such students happen to get lower scores on the entrance exam, the School launched an “early interview” before the national MPAcc entrance examination in the MPAcc part-time degree program. Applicants apply for an “early interview” with the School. According to the results of the interview, the applicant may receive a conditional admission. These applicants take the national MPAcc entrance exam, and, as long as their results reach the national standard (Line A) , they are offered admission letters. If they did not receive the conditional offer of admission, they can also take the entrance examination, and then the School arranges a second examination to test their comprehensive quality and ability. Finally, the applicants are ranked by the score of the entrance exam and the result of the second exam, and this ranking is the basis for making admission offers.